ChakrapuramSreeNarasimhaLakshmiNarayanaSreeKrishna Temple located at CheruvathurKasaragod District of Kerala is having a glorious legacy of more than 400 years. The temple once a part of earst while land lord family ThazhekattMana was totally destroyed during the invasion of Tippu Sultan, who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. The place where the temple located was covered under thick forest and was remained away from the devotees for a long time.

The latent phase continued till 1992. When some young devotees from the neighborhood started to recover the worship near the remains of the temple.The devotees who started to revive the practice of prayers to the Lord by simply lighting up the ghee lamps in front of the deity where blessed amazingly by the powerful almighty.

The omnipotent power of the God led them to initiate the rebuilding of the temple from its dilapidated state. They received a lot of blissful guidance from the temple God to go further with a detailed renovation plan under a committee formed and steered by many leading personalities of the locality headed by the temple priest BrahmasreThekkiniedathTharananellurPadmanabhanUnniNamboothiripad. The DEVAPRASNAM, an astrological procedure carried out to interpret ate the will of the Gods revealed that the temple is having the vibrant presence of Lord Narasimha here, which is an incarnation of lord Mahavishnu. The presence of Lord Lakshmi Narayana and SreeKrishna was also found in its full divinity. The congregation of all these three Gods is a unique worshiping experience which is very rare in Kerala. The prayers and offerings made to the Lord here has proven that the devotees getting their wishes and blessings immediately.
The temple is being renovated by the help of devotees who got the real blessings of the God beyond their expectations.
The Temple regaining its structural completion, where it would survive the time with its full glory here after for many years to come. A rare combination of architectural wisdom and ancient ritualistic rules are followed for the reconstruction, which needs an estimated amount of Rs.40 Million. So far the renovation of Rs.20Million has been done with the help of devotees from various back grounds of life who contributed generously towards this work.